Refund, Shipping & Warranty Policy

Standard Refund Policy as of 2/15/2024

(applies when devices are purchased through regular sale channels)

A regular sales channel is defined as a sale made through our website.  Tradeshow sales, devices purchased on payment plans, and digital goods are not transacted through regular sale channels, and therefore adhere to a different refund policy.

Refunds are provided on ALL equipment within 7 days that meet the following guidelines. 

  1. Package has not been opened, or tampered with and is returned in its original packaging.
  2. The refund request has been submitted by the 7th day of receipt of item.  Any refund request after the 7 day period will not be approved.
  3. Item was purchased through a standard sales channel.
  4. Please note – if free shipping was applied to the original order, the shipping amount will be deducted from the refund amount.


Digital Goods, Consulting, & Special Circumstances

Digital Goods – are non-refundable.  This refund policy applies to all digital goods sold through Shopify or partner platforms (Kajabi/Hubspot/Paypal).

Tradeshow Items – items that are purchased beforehand or at tradeshows; and picked up at the tradeshow are non-refundable.  This policy is absolute.  Items that are purchased at the tradeshow and cancelled within 24hrs of purchase are eligible for a full refund.  Requests made outside of the 24hr period or after items have been shipped will be assessed a 15% cancellation or restocking fee + applicable shipping charges.

Payment Plan Purchases – We do not offer payment plans at this time.  Financing is offered through a third-party and all sales are final once loan docs have been finalized.

Business Consulting/Coaching – no refunds.  All sales are final.  The only exception is when a representative of BeautyEQ is unable to fulfill appointment obligations.


For items damaged upon receipt please send concerns to within 24 hours of receipt and please send supporting documents (photo/video).


All packages come with tracking, and require a signature.


Buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs, and will not be refunded for the original shipping.




  • We ship via USPS Ground Advantage on all orders.  If you need to have your product guaranteed in hand in less than 5 days we suggest you opt for Priority or Overnight shipping.  If USPS does not deliver to your area or you have had previous issues with them, please select a different option for shipping.
  • We do not accept liability for packages shipped to the incorrect address provided at the time of purchase, packages signed for on your behalf that end up missing and/or damaged.  We have partnered with Route to insure packages and advise all customers to keep this option selected when checking out in the case of lost/stolen/or damaged packages during shipping.
  • Deselection of insuring with Route is not advised and BeautyEQ will not be held liable.
  • In the case that a package arrives damaged, please start the process by filing a claim with the carrier, and forwarding those claim details to us. 
  • Return shipping fees are the customer's responsibility and packages with a high value should be sent with a signature requirement.


Warranty Policy

  • Professional Equipment – Transferring, selling, or gifting any professional modality voids the warranty. All equipment comes with a standard 1 year warranty otherwise.  The Bella Microneedle and the SIIT Pro both have a Lifetime Warranty with stipulations. The Bella Microneedle & SIIT Pro stipulations that must be met in order to exercise its full warranty rights include only utilizing BeautyEQ consumables and/or meeting quarterly purchase requirements.
  • The warranty does not cover equipment damaged due to improper storage or use.  
  • Utilizing incorrect voltage or voltage exchange mediums such as transformers that cause burnout are not covered in the warranty.


QWhat kind of warranty is provided on the Bella?  Please note the Warranty policy is identical for the SIIT Pro device.

A:  The Bella comes with a standard one year warranty; however this warranty is extended on a yearly basis when clients purchase a minimum number of 8 boxes of tips per year from BeautyEQ after the standard warranty has expired.  Devices that are not under warranty have a $200 repair/service charge + the customer is responsible for all shipping costs to us.  Please note that the Bella warranty extension only covers the device.  If there are issues with your cord after one year of your purchase, you must purchase a new one at $25.  


QDo you have loaner devices while my device is being repaired?

A:  If we have loaner devices available at the time of servicing, we will ship you one to use at no additional charge.  You must return the loaner device, prior to sending back your repaired Bella.  Loaner devices that are not returned will void your warranty altogether.  Customers who do not return loaner devices also will not be able to purchase from our system again.  Loaner device options are for in-warranty items only.


Q:  What happens if I did not meet the minimum purchase requirements to extend the warranty?

A:  If you have not met the minimum requirements, we do not cover any of the associated cost with having your device repaired or serviced.  The out of pocket cost to have your device repaired is $200 + shipping fees back to us.  Additionally you can expect a 14-21 business day turnaround time as we ship the devices directly to our manufacturer for full inspection, testing and repair.  This fee is an upfront cost.  


Q:  What is covered under the warranty?

A:  Manufacturer defects such as:  device slowing down during the treatment, needle head not properly seated in the device or loose.  Loose buttons.  We do not cover the repair for devices that have incurred damage or misuse due to owner negligence.  Please file a claim with your insurance provider.


QWhat steps should be taken if I am having an issue with my device?

A:  The first step is to email our customer support at  Please note the issue in the subject line.  Be sure to include videos and photos and as much information as possible so that we can streamline the process and work to get your issue resolved in a timely manner.


  • Retail Devices – retail items all have a 60 day warranty. Customer should assume shipping fees to return the items.  Gifting does not void the warranty, however invoice number is required to process the return.