The Bella Microneedle Starter Kit
The Bella Microneedle Starter Kit
The Bella Microneedle Starter Kit
The Bella Microneedle Starter Kit

The Bella Microneedle Starter Kit

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Provide your clients with the most precise microneedling treatment possible with the Bella Microneedle Pen!

Microneedling is a popular procedure that creates tiny wounds to stimulate the skin's natural collagen production. Clients rave about the results, ranging from skin tightening, acne reduction, scar fading, pore shrinking, fading hyperpigmentation, and even erasing fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling is now also used to stimulate hair follicles and prevent or possibly reverse hair loss. Both men and women benefit from microneedling treatment due to the clear complexion it is famous for promoting. The effects do not require the use of lasers or other equipment, although many practices offer such procedures together with high success and patient satisfaction.

Another great benefit of microneedling is that it increases the absorption of products into the skin. Anti-acne products, anti-wrinkle products, and hair growth stimulators are all commonly used in combination with microneedling, greatly expanding what you can offer to your clients and providing a great add-on or upsell service. Your clients will be pleased with how quickly they see results with minimal aftercare. The Bella Microneedle Pen has been found in studies to have a 510% solution penetration rate in just 30 minutes!

Dermarollers, which were commonly used by professionals in the past, do not allow that level of control and therefore leave the patient more at risk for side effects and post-treatment sensitivity. The Bella Microneedle Pen is also appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin, such as under the eyes.

Your clients will appreciate the extra care and highly sophisticated device abilities that they cannot reproduce at home, along with concern for their safety and minimal side effects.

The Bella Microneedle Pen is for professional use only and has a lifetime warranty, unlike any other device on the market.


Features of the Bella Device:

  • 8,000 rpm ~ 3 Adjustable Speeds
  • 0.2-2.0mm ~ Adjustable Depth
  • 510% solution penetration rate in 30 minutes

NOTE:  This item is NOT intended as a home use device, this is a professional device only.   

What's Included

  • 2 replacement cartridge tips
  • 1 year warranty (Standard) LIFETIME Warranty*
  • 1 box of 10 disposable refill tips (10 treatments)

 *Lifetime Warranty w/minimum quarterly purchase for the life of your device.  2 box minimum per quarter to maintain warranty after the standard warranty expires.

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